Competitive Variety Ensemble

Welcome to RDA’s New Competitive Variety Ensemble 2019! 

This will be a new training program for Competitive dancers who are well trained and ENJOY performing and competing in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Contemporary and have likeminded goals.

The CVE will rehearse on Saturdays from 1 to 530pm beginning in September 2019.

They will be required to take the Recreational classes in all 4 of these subjects in order to be a part of CVE.

There will be mandatory Technique classes that will be on rotation in the following subjects: strength conditioning, foundation technique, jumps and turns and flexibility. These will be offered in two 45 minute classes. (time and day TBD) Pricing for these classes will be as marked on our regular price scheme. Under ‘Registration information’.

Tuition Fee : $2000.00 +HST

(choreography, costume/accessories/make up, competition entry fees, workshop fees and extra rehearsals deemed necessary by the directors not included in tuition)

CVE will be attending 2 conventions that include full workshop and competition  (estimated cost 300.00 USD per convention and 50.00 USD per group entry fee)

CVE will also be attending 1 competition in Canada that is strictly competition. Estimated cost 50.00 per group entry fee.

All other information, including CVE contract, specific missions and any additional minor financial obligations will be available following your dancers audition.

The RDA Competitive HIPHOP CREW will remain separate from the CVE and dancers choosing to also compete HIPHOP will be asked to attend the audition separately and gain access to any additional information regarding the CREWS on our CREW page.

Please be sure to register for your audition in advance!

We look forward to a NEW YEAR and growing together and experiencing competitive dance through CVE