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  • Pre-Competitive

    $ 500 Fee
    • Includes rehearsal fees, costume fees, and competition fees from October to May
    • This is an invitational program, past members can sign up and pay a deposit to secure a spot for next season

What is our Pre-Competitive program?

**Our competitive dance programs are currently being updated. New information including tuition fees, schedules, and competitions is coming soon. Please stay tuned!**

The pre-competitive program is designed for recreational dancers moving towards competitive dance at a reasonable and affordable addition to their regular classes. Dancers are invited based on talent, potential and dedication that we see during their regular recreational class(es). This program will include training with other students around his or her age with increased technical attention and performance expectations. This opportunity may improve their chances of someday being a part of our competitive CREWS. The pre-competitive program allows the dancers and parents to see what the competition scene is about. The group will have a choreographed a routine and will attend two competitions. Pre-competitive invitations are sent at the end of September. If you are interested please notify the office to discuss your options.