Repretoire Program

Our Repretoire curriculum will primarily include Variations and expanding the dancers’ knowledge of the Ballets. We will also have a strong emphasis on proper Ballet Technique,  Pre Pointe and Pointe, Floor Barre, Strength and Flexibility and Ballet theory/education. Dancers will gain confidence, build strength and increase their knowledge with the guidance of our passionate CCA certified Ballet Faculty. Participants can expect to be further prepared when auditioning for Summer Intensive Programs, Ballet Schools and Dance Companies. Classes offered through this program will enhance your stamina, improve your technical abilities and improve musicality. Repretoire Classes will compliment your exam preparations all season long and broaden your vision of what ballet training can be!

Go with Grace…..

Cost of program: By adding a class to your regular dance Program Payment Plan. Please see our Tuition 2020/2021 posted on our website. (costume included)


Dress code please see the ballet exam TAB