Summer Programs

Dance Camp

Join us this summer for our annual dance camp! Your child will engage in a week long journey of dance and fun! We offer two weeks for your child to enjoy all types of dance. They will participate in 30 minute classes in every subject each day along with arts and crafts, movies and a creative movement class where they can move freely and make up their own routines. Each day dancers should come prepared with a lunch and snacks and a great big smile ready for fun!

Our dance camp is for children ages 3 – 11
Dates: July 15th to the 19th and August 12th to the 16th
Times: 9am to 3pm (Early drop-off and late pick up are available for an additional fee)

Sign up for 1 week: $160+hst
Sign up for 2 weeks:  Save $20 off 2nd week.

Half-day dance camp is available for children ages 3-4 (9:00 am-12:00 pm)
Sign up for 1 week half-day: $90+hst
Sign up for 2 weeks half-day: Save $10

Each dance camp week comes to an end with a showcase displaying all of the material learned.
Date: July session- Friday July 19th / August session- Friday August 16th

Preschool Sessions

These preschool sessions are great for those new to dance! Bring your ballet slippers and tap shoes if you have them! Have you done Preschool before? Wonderful! Come join us in welcoming more dancers into our Preschool Program!
For ages 3-5
Fees: $70 +HST
When: Wednesdays – July 10th to August 14th – @ 5pm to 5:45pm

Toddler Groove

There are so many benefits to enrolling your toddler and preschool in professional dance programs. Led by qualified instructor Catherine Cristofaro, our program offers play based learning to engage your toddler in group activity and movement. Dance can enhance their Physical Development, Social Awareness, Cognitive Development and Emotional Maturity. Give them the gift of dance and your attention and watch them soar!

When: July 10th – August 14th @ 5pm to 5:45pm – 6 Week program

Summer Intensive

Looking for a challenge this summer? Do you want to stay in shape and try something new? Come to our Summer Intensive program! Each week will feature different choreography and teachers will rotate throughout the program to increase variety and style. The summer intensive section that they will be starting July 9th to August 13th!


Summer Fees $12/Class for 6 weeks (tax included)
Tuesday/ Wednesday
1st class 72
2nd class 62
3rd class 52
4th class 42
5th class 32
6th class 32

 Additional classes for dancers/siblings is $32

Summer Schedule

Tuesday Room 1 — 11-13 Room 2 — 8-10 Room 3 — 14+
4:30 Pointe Pointe
5:15 Ballet Jazz Tap
6:00 Tap Ballet Jazz
6:45 Jazz Tap Ballet
7:30 Hip hop Hip hop Contemp
8:15 Contemp Contemp Hiphop
Wednesday Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
5:00 Acro 1 + 2 Preschool Toddler Groovers
5:45 Acro 3 + 4
Thursday Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
4:30 Junior
7:30 Advanced

Guest Workshops will be 90 minutes long and  $20/Class. You can find out more here!