Preschool Prep

RDA’s Preschool Prep Classes are designed to ease the transition from Toddler Groovers to our full season, structured syllabus Preschool program which runs from September to May. If your dancer has not participated in the Toddler Groover Program there is no need to be concerned and we strongly recommend the Preschool Prep Summer session!

It is a Ballet/Tap Combination class for all children. The goal of the Preschool Prep Summer Session is to instill a love of dance and to encourage independence and confidence. Our youngest dancers learn basic ballet and tap movements in a positive and fun environment. Creativity and Proper technique is taught through self expression and imagination while following directions from their instructor. Each class begins with Tap and transitions to Ballet half way through the class. PSP, is a 45 minute class designed to expand dance related motor skills for ages 3 to 5  by developing coordination doing simple dance movements and songs. We begin the young dancers’ development of rhythm and movement through the use of various props and instruments.