Rivertown Dance Academy brings new life to dance.


Our directors are excited to start this new
journey. They each bring years of experience to
motivate, challenge, and build confidence in every dancer.

Catherine Cristofaro

Miss Catherine has been a studio owner & director for 13 years, with over 20 years of dance education and mentorship experience. She is a Licentiate Member of Cecchetti Council of America. ``I hope to continue to inspire my students in the dance community I've created over the past 13 years.``

Jennifer Horvath

Miss Jen has been a dance teacher and choreographer for 19 years & was a customer relations coordinator at TD Canada trust for 10 years. She is also Oxford ESL certified! ``I am excited to be a part of this new journey with the most innovative and dedicated team of artists.``

Laura Dufour

Miss Laura has 12 years of dance teaching experience, and certified in Dance Education Part 1 and 2. She is also a qualified teacher at École Secondaire E.J Lajeunesse. ``I truly believe that the studio is a safe and welcoming space; it’s a home away from home. I cannot wait to dance with you!``

Kaitlin Mackie

Miss Kaitlin is an associate member of the Cecchetti Council of America (ACCA) and has 12 years as a dance educator & coach. She is also a registered massage therapist. ``I want to inspire and empower others to work hard, take a chance and chase their dreams!``



Acro is the control and discipline of the body, in a beautiful and artistic way that fuses elements of lyrical gymnastic skills, balancing, tumbling, and jazz.

Ballet & Pointe

Ballet is at the core; it is the foundation of dance. It teaches proper placement, alignment, balance, technique and control.

Hip Hop

The style most frequently seen on television and in music videos. Movements are fast and funky that involves innovative and trendsetting moves.


In jazz, the focus is on strength, technique, and basic theory. Dancers will learn isolation’s, pirouettes, proper technique for kicks, leaps, and fun routines that put this all together.


A story set in motion. This form of dance is a fusion of ballet, jazz and modern styles which combines one’s own expression along with technical skills.


Tap is all about rhythm! Tap is an exciting and challenging form of dance that creates sounds, rhythm and syncopation with your feet.


Crew auditions are coming up. Join RDA's tried and
tested crews! Available in all levels and styles of
dance to create a unique experience for each dancer
wanting to achieve their dreams.

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