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  • Ages 3-5
  • Saturdays from 2:30PM to 3:15PM
  • 6-week sessions
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READY SET ACRO is a collaborative acrobatic program developed with Industry Leader Acrobatic Arts, specifically designed for preschoolers. It emphasises safe and effective progressions to foster the physical and social skills needed for healthy early childhood development. This program is proven to increase confidence, co-ordination, and creativity! CONFIDENCE is supported when children have the opportunity to use their skills in new and different ways and in different contexts.As children develop confidence they also develop resilience and self-efficacy which is an optimistic self-belief in our own competence and our likely successful accomplishment of a task.

The carefully sequenced and playful program develops physical COORDINATION, the COORDINATION of the senses, the coordination of mental processes and language and the COORDINATION of social connections.

With the third C, CREATIVITY, children are encouraged to use their imaginations, to think divergently and to explore their own creative responses to the invitations within dance, music and drama.

READY SET ACRO is developed with original music with lyric cues and focuses on three key components: Stretch, Strength, and Skills.

  • STRETCH: Enhance flexibility and expand the range of motion in all major muscle groups.
  • STRENGTH: Young learners engage in a variety of exercises designed to promote physical strength and control.
  • SKILLS: Preschoolers develop social literacy and build confidence while exploring a wide range of AcroDance movements.

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