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Summer Programs

Summer Intensive

Looking for a challenge this summer? Do you want to stay in shape and try something new? Come to our 6 week Summer Intensive program! Each week will feature different choreography and teachers will rotate throughout the program to increase variety and style. 

Summer Camp

Join us this summer for our annual dance camp! Your child will engage in a week long journey of dance and fun! We offer three weeks for your child to enjoy all types of dance. They will participate in dance classes of various styles along with arts and crafts, movies and a creative movement class where they can move freely and make up their own routines. Each day campers should come prepared with a lunch and snacks and a great big smile ready for fun!

Our dance camp is for children ages 3 – 11

July 10th-14th: Come Join the Circus!

This exciting week of harnessing their individuality, special unique skills and learning acrobatic tricks will be an absolute blast! From the art work, the musical inspiration and circus themed obstacle courses our leaders and Qualified Acrobatic Arts Guest teachers have planned, this Camp is sure to be a hit! 

July 24th-28th: Pop Stars Week

In addition to a great week of exploring their creativity through dance, story telling, visual art and activities, campers will learn basic vocal technique and a POPular song that they will sing at the Week End Showcase! Vocal Instruction led by multidisciplinary talented Jen Fatallah

August 14th-18th: Friendship and Kindness Camp

This week our Camp leaders along with Yoga expert, Katera, from Balance Yoga and literacy experts Crushing Limits will guide our Camp participants through grounding and breath exercises that are actually fun to do! Reading and teamwork activities that encourage Kindness and patience and dance routines that warm your heart and soul and lift each other up! 

Times: 9am to 3pm (Early drop-off and late pick up are available for an additional fee)

At the end of the week, we invite parents to a performance. The performance will be Friday and begin promptly at 2:00pm where the campers will showcase their achievements. 

$150+HST for one week – $10 discount per week or sibling 

Tips to be prepared and have a fun Camp Experience:

  • Camp participants can be in dance attire or comfortable active wear every day of camp.
  • Recommended footwear will vary depending on age groups and styles they will do. Bring all dance shoes every day, if you do not have dance shoes, a clean pair of sneakers and barefeet will do!
  • An old oversized shirt is required and please label it! We will ask dancers to wear this over their clothing when doing crafts or activities that might get messy!
  • Early/late drop offs are $10/day per family. The earliest drop off time is 8:30am and the latest pickup time is 4:45pm
  • When dropping off or picking up, please text our Studio Cell: 519-564-2527 – we will have a staff member walk with them.
  • Each dancer will be asked to bring snacks, a lunch and a water bottle every day. Please be mindful of allergies and pack a nut free lunch. Camp participants, employees and assistants will not be permitted to leave the premises during lunch break.
  • Please have your child’s hair tied back and out of their face.
  • We will be spending time outside. If you would like your child to wear sunscreen please send it with them or apply it before they arrive. If you choose to send your child with sunscreen, please label the bottle and our staff can safely apply it for you. We will not spend more than 20 minutes outside at a time.
  • Each dancer will have a labeled basket to keep their belongings in and to collect craft projects from the week. Any forgotten items will be placed in this basket.
Room 1  Room 2 Room 3 
Room 1  Room 2 Room 3 
5:15 JR ACRO 5:00 Tap Exam Option 5:15 BEG ACRO (FULL)
6:00 INT/ADV ACRO 6:00 Cecc 5 Exam
6:45 Acro Conditioning 7:30 Tap Exam Option
8:30 Tap Exam Option 
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
3:45 – 5:15 Cecc 4 Exam/theory
5:15 – 6:00 Primary 3 Exam  5:15 – 6:00 Toddler Groover 5:15 – 6:00 Preschool Prep
6:00 – 7:00 Cecc 2 Exam 6:00-7:00 Cecc 1 Exam  6:00 – 7:15 Cecc 5 Exam LightDay/Theory
7:00-8:00 Tap 8 Exam  8:00-9:00 Heels with Rachel
Room 1 (int/adv) Room 2 (Open) Room 3 (jr/int)
Grade 8&up Grade 1-4 Grade 5-7
5:15 Ballet/Pointe 5:15 Jazz 5:15 Jazz
6:00 Jazz 6:00 Ballet 6:00 Ballet
6:45 Tap 6:45 Hiphop 6:45 Hiphop
7:30 Hiphop 7:30 Contemporary  7:30 Contemporary 
8:15 Contemp 8:15 Tap 8:15 Tap
4:15 Cecc 6 LightDay/Theory 
Summer Classes Dates
Acro Tuesdays, July 11 to August 15
Toodler Groovers Wednesdays, July 12

to August 16

PreSchool Prep
Cecc Exam
Summer intensive Thursdays, July 13 to August 17
Class Fees
1 class $81.36
2 classes  $157.07
3 classes  $227.16
4 classes  $291.57
5 classes $350.33
6+ classes $403.44