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Our Crews

We have 3 levels of RDA competitors:

  • Novice (dancers that participate in 4 hours of dancing or less per week and are first time competitors)
  • Intermediate (dancers that participate in 5 hours of dancing or less per week and have experience competing)
  • Advanced (dancers that participate in 5+ hours and have experience competing)

* Please note that it is possible that you compete in Crew B and C levels within the same season.

* Levels per dancer/per style is based on RDA directors discretion.

* Inorder to be considered for a solo, duo, or trio – in any style – a dancer must be on that same style crew. For example: a ballet soloist is also part of the ballet crew.


Acro demands discipline and dedication, driving performers to achieve seemingly impossible feats through balance and strength. With a focus on collaboration and growth, our competitive acro program offers three levels to master skills and entertain audiences with poise and strength. Acro Crew dancers are required to participate in the Summer Intensive Acro classes an Academy Acro class and Acro Conditioning.

Hip Hop

We are home to Windsor and Essex County’s original Hip Hop Crew. Join to master hip hop and break-dance skills like popping, locking, and tutting. We prioritize exposing dancers to talented artists while fostering self-esteem, strength, agility, teamwork, and showmanship. Hip Hop Crew dancers are required to participate in the Summer intensive hip hop classes and Academy Hip hop classes.


Ballet Classique dancers will showcase their strengths, maturity, and poise in exquisite choreography while developing their technique in ballet's delicate beauty. We strongly recommend joining our Cecchetti ballet exam classes for enhanced classical training under our certified educators. Ballet Classique dancers are required to participate in the Summer Intensive and Academy Ballet classes.


Dancers will immerse themselves in dynamic movement by showcasing strength, flexibility, performance, and style, refining a piece by captivating audiences with smooth or sharp execution. Opportunities may arise to explore various jazz forms like heels, musical theater, and Latin styles.Jazz Crew dancers are required to participate in the Summer Intensive and Academy Jazz classes.


We seek dancers who embrace confidence, creativity, and teamwork, willing to innovative and connect with others while exploring movement, engaging audiences, and storytelling to elevate our contemporary collective and bring it to new levels. Contemporary Collective dancers are required to participate in Summer Intensive Contemporary and Academy Lyrical classes.


Rhythm Crew is a specialty program dedicated to the development and technique of our most ambitious tap dancers. They will experiment with canons, street tap techniques, echo drills, endurance, and achieving the cleanest and most crisp sounds. Levels and age divisions will be based on audition response. Rhythm Crew dancers are required to participate in Summer Intensive Tap and Academy Tap classes.

Tuition Fees

One Crew

Will be rehearsed on Tuesdays.

Second Crew


Third Crew +



$470per solo


$250 per dancer


$200per dancer

The Fine Print

  • Crew fees include all Crew rehearsals and Top Technique classes
  • Competition fees not included
  • Group choreography fees are separate from Crew fees
  • Non-negotiable for weekly mandatory rehearsal times from Sept-May
  • Solo/Duo/Trio fees include weekly rehearsals
  • Competition fees not included
  • Solos/Duos/Trios Choreography Fees are negotiable on a separate platform and separate from Specialty rehearsals
  • Crew jackets are separate fees.
  • Costume fees are not included  (shoes/tights/makeup/earrings are separate)
  • A $50 deposit per dance & $35 administration fee required to confirm participation and commitment for all CREWS, Solo, Duo, and/or Trio.* there are no applicable discounts to crew fees
  • We will follow Government of Canada and Province of Ontario restrictions and regulations pertaining to performance and competition.

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