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Competitive Auditions

We are hosting our 2022/2023 studio auditions for all crews of all ages, all styles and all levels in June and we would love to see YOU at the auditions.

Monday, June 13th from 5-7pm: Grades 1-4

Tuesday, June 14th from 5-7pm: Grades 5-7

Wednesday, June 15th from 5-7pm: Grades 8-12

*Grade as of September 2022

*Time is extended to 7:30 for those interested in solo/duo/trio options

Whether you are interested in a pre-competitive or competitive experience we have a place for YOU! We are making a few changes to the competitive programming at RDA and we wanted you to hear it right away so as not to miss an opportunity.

Our auditions will be held during a 2 hours session on your dancers designated day as per their grade at school. Dancers are asked to bring all dance shoes and will demonstrate their skills, technique and ability through multiple styles whether they have trained previously in that style or not. The audition teachers will guide dancers through a variety of skills and choreography that will determine their placement. 

The audition will be a flat fee of $20. If the dancer is interested in auditioning for a solo, duo or trio please add this information to the application and a $5 fee will be added. The dancer will be asked to remain at the studio until 7:30 (latest).

We will have 3 levels of RDA competitors this season:

  • Crew A – Novice (dancers that participate in 4 hours of dancing or less per week and are first time competitors)
  • Crew B – Intermediate (dancers that participate in 5 hours of dancing or less per week and have experience competing)
  • Crew C – Advanced (dancers that participate in 5+ hours and have experience competing)

* Please note that it is possible that you compete in Crew B and C levels within the same season.

* Levels per dancer/per style is based on RDA directors discretion.

Crew Audition Form