Updated Studio Guidelines

These are the Studio Guidelines and Safety Procedures which we require you to follow in order for all of us to stay safe and healthy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Guidelines and Safety Procedures outlined are based on the Ministry of Ontario Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act and the recommendations that have been requested by our Windsor Essex County Health Unit.

We hope that our safety measures, protocols and consideration bring you peace and confidence that we are doing everything we can to ensure your dancer has a safe and positive experience as they return to the new “normal” with us!

  1. Parents/caregivers are asked to say their farewells in the parking lot at the entrance. All dancers and faculty members are required to wear a mask upon entering the studio.
  2. Dancers are required to check in at the desk through our protective glass as part of our updated attendance protocols.
  3. Dancers are required to sanitize their hands using the hand sanitizer provided at the entry sanitizing station. This area will be supervised by our new full time Foyer Attendant.
  4. Dancers are required to bring their own water bottles this season. We are unable to provide cups. We ask that all dancers water bottles are filled prior to arrival. If they need to fill their water bottle before or after class, the Foyer Attendant will be disinfecting the water station after each use.
  5. Upon entering the class, dancers will be asked to sanitize their hands and will be assisted by Teachers or Assistants to do so.
  6. Dancers will proceed directly to their labelled plastic tray and will then place all of their belongings on the tray and get ready for class putting on the necessary dance shoes.  
  7. Dancers are then able to take their designated places on the dance floor and get ready for a fun class! Dancers will be given instructions on how to maintain social distance and they will be encouraged and reminded in a friendly way as needed throughout the class. We have adopted a maximum class enrolment of 8 to 9 dancers for all of our Recreational Programming this season.
  8. Washrooms are available for our students and staff. The Foyer Attendant will be responsible for sanitizing the washroom after each use.
  9. If a dancer is required to sit and wait in the studio for any period of time, they are required to follow the instructions and labels on our bench seating. The seating areas have been pre measured and arranged to promote social distancing. There is also a limited homework and snacking area that will be safely divided by clear vinyl dividers. Early drop offs and late puck ups are strongly discourage during this unprecedented time. If you have any individual needs or concerns, please contact our office. We are happy to help.
  10. Upon exit you are encouraged to use the hand sanitizer provided at the exit door. There is only one labelled exit to allow for safe traffic flow throughout that studio. Our Foyer Attendant will ensure that all students are exiting in a calm and socially distanced fashion.

Additional Information:

RDA has posted many friendly reminders for our dancers and staff throughout the studio to encourage them to practice good habits while attending their dance classes and using the facility.

We have multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout the studio to make it easy for all participants to stay on top of keeping their hands clean.

There will be a permanent Foyer Attendant present 6 days a week who will be there to support, guide and assist dancers in the foyer before during and after classes. They will also disinfect all contact surfaces after each use.


If your dancer requires that you as their parent, or a caregiver must stay in the building while they take class, we will ask that you sign in at the desk upon entering. You will also be required to wear a mask. The space in the Foyer will be limited to 1 care giver per Preschool dancer. Social distancing must be maintained. Siblings and friends of the dancers are unable to stay in the studio while classes are in progress. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause. If any of our staff can assist you and help make this a more stress free experience, please reach out via email or give us a call!

Individual Session Guidelines

1. You will be emailed a Pre-Screening link and it must submitted within 24hrs prior to your Private Ballet Lesson, Private Coaching session or Photography Session. Based on your responses, you may be asked to cancel your studio session and rebook at a later date. We will be screening all submitted forms. We appreciate your cooperation and honesty.

2. If you develop any symptoms prior to your session or during your session, you will be asked to cancel or leave the premises in order to protect the safety and wellbeing of others. We will be kind and compassionate when asking you to do so.

3. The only reason a parent or guardian can be present during private lessons is if the dancer is under 18 years of age. The parent or guardian is required to wear a mask while present in the studio.

4. If a participant or faculty member develops symptoms or becomes ill while they are in the studio, the office staff will call the parent or legal guardian immediately to pick up the participant. Faculty members will isolate in the space they are training and wait for help if needed. When it is safe to exit the building they can do so if capable and Office staff will wear proper PPE to disinfect the room and contact surfaces immediately. 

5. There will no physical contact permitted and there will be tape on the dance floor to distinguish areas that are for the student and for the instructor/photographer.

6. The washroom will be accessible for students only and disinfected after each use. One person at a time for using the washroom facilities. Faculty will have a separate washroom and they will be responsible for disinfecting after use.

7. There are posters displayed in the studio and washrooms of proper hand washing, sanitizing, coughing and sneezing techniques. Please review as you enter and walk through. Infection Prevention is key! We hope you appreciate our frequent reminders.

8. Washrooms and supply closets are fully stocked with soap and paper towels and garbage pails are lined for proper disposal of waste and recycled objects.

9. Hand sanitizer is provided at every entrance and exit and is required to be used by all who enter the studio and upon entering or exiting dance rooms. We will not be using any equipment in order to reduce the spread of germs and viruses. If ballet barres are required, they will be sanitized before and after each use.

10. Upon entering, you will be asked to sign-in and answer an onsite brief screening questionnaire. All pens are disinfected after each use. 

11. Please use the proper Entrance and Exits as they are labelled to keep flow of foot traffic. 

12. When speaking to our office staff you must speak through the glass window. 

13. We encourage payments to be made online via credit card or e-transfer. If you have any questions regarding payments please email us at hello@rda.dance.